Igreja Nossa Senhora d´AjudaArraial d'Ajuda - the destination in Southern Bahia - At the "Costa do Descobrimento" (Discovery Coast) Arraial d'Ajuda is beautifully located on a hill top overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It was here, where Brazil was discovered by the Portuguese more than 500 years ago.

The baroque church in the "centro histórico" exists since 1549, when the Portuguese Tomé de Souza landed at the mouth of river Buranhém. The jesuits on board of the 3 ships Conceição, Salvador and Ajuda founded the church "Nossa Senhora D'Ajuda". Until today the sanctuary attracts thousands of pilgrims and visitors.

 arraial leiste



The culture of Arraial d'Ajuda offers a combination of art, gastronomy, music and the interesting history of the native people of the Costa do Descobrimento..

Caminho do Mar

The visitor will find an attactive nightlife and a broad variety of restaurants, bars und boutiques.


Because of the well balanced tropical climate Arraial d'Ajuda is a destination for the whole year. Minimum temperatures in July and August (15°-30°C) and maximum temperatures in January and February (20°-35°C).


Arraial d'Ajuda presents 12 km of marvelous beaches - an excellent place for beach fun and leisure.

Araçaípe Beach

Tourism developed during the last 15 years. Today Arraial d'Ajuda offers a good infrastructure and many possibilities to enjoy your holidays.

Mata Atlântica

The village is surrounded by the green tropical vegetation of the "Mata Atlântica". Today very reduced, this jungle originally covered all of the Brazilian coast and delivered a lot of precious tropical woods as the "Pau Brasil", which gave Brazil its name.